We have a variety of activities that are meant to both supplement and enhance the children’s all around learning and development. The following are a few of our extracurricular activities and enrichment programs:

Extracurricular Activities

  • Library Section

Early Learners have access to reading materials and books designed to expand their language and comprehension skills as well as increase their understanding of the world around them. Teachers will engage children in the “process of telling the story”, letter, picture and name recognition and support the development of their long term memory. In a book children can go to other lands, spend story book time with friends, all in the comfort of a book all while in their classroom

  • Tablet Center

Our Pre-Schoolers and Pre-Kindergarteners in the 2-5 year old classes are afforded the opportunity to learn computer skills while at the same time enhancing their fine motor skills and dexterity in the use of age appropriate activities on the kiddie tablets. The tablets  are used to support their pre-reading, character building, letter, shape, color and number recognition


  • Arts, Music & Dance

The Creative Arts is a very important part of fostering and expressing creativity in your early learner. This may take the form of free expression with crayons or paint or may be a teacher-directed craft; music and dance as well as creative expressions. The children sing songs, play musical instruments, engage in creative expressions and participate in other activities using various forms of music. Classical music and soft tones are played during periods of rest. In addition Enrichment programs in our Preschool 2 to 5 year old classes include gymnastics and group and individual music instruction.

Enrichment Programs

These programs are offered by Independent providers who are responsible for the care of the participating children while involved in the enrichment activities. The programs offer parents the opportunity to have their children partake in these activities in the comfort of the center whereas other parents would have to take the children after work or on the weekend to attend such programs.

  •  Music For Life

Music for Life enhances a child’s inherent ability to create, express and problem solve through music. Their curriculum entails classical composers, Sing-a-long songs, Rhythm & Dance and Instrument Exposure. They offer an instrument program where the children can learn to play a particualr musical instrument of their choosing. For more information about music for life and their programs, please contact the center Director or visit

  •  JumpBunch Sports

From the activities and equipment, every aspect of JumpBunch has been carefully researched and developed to be both fun and beneficial to the development of young minds and bodies. Today, children all over the country from preschool to sixth grade enjoy a wide variety of JumpBunch programs. Each Class includes warm-ups, floor exercises, the sport activity of the week, stretching, then cool down. It’s not competitive for preschoolers; it’s a completely positive experience. It’s amazing how this early exposure makes kids more willing to give new sports a try as they get older. For more information about JumpBunch and their programs, please visit

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