The Enrollment Process
EnrollmentScheduling a school tour is the first step in our Enrollment process. This is done by completing the online form under the red ‘Tour Our Facility” tab on our home page. Please note that the center will not enroll or wait list a family that is yet to have visited our facility or attended a pre-enrollment tour.

Following the receipt of your online form, a member of our enrollment team will contact you by email with information on wait lists and/or tours.

Group tours are given periodically on weekday (Wednesday) mornings throughout the year and based on availability. During the tour, parents first get to walk through the classrooms and facility after which we sit down for a Q&A session where we explain our policies and answer any questions touring families may have. We encourage families to take the information home, review it and the decide if Great Beginnings is a good match for their family. After your initial tour, you may schedule to visit again alone or with your child to help you get a better for our program and if it will be a good fit for your family’s needs. Families interested in our Preschool program (ages 2-5) are required to have their child present during the tour so they can spend time with the other children, meet the Teacher and have an in-class observation/assessment prior to acceptance into the program.

Our Wait List Procedure

Preference is given to families who are currently enrolled or on our current year’s wait list. New children are admitted on a first applied basis. Our enrollments run year round as long as space is available. A complete application includes a completed wait list enrollment form as well as the non-refundable enrollment fee. The center’s wait list is updated every 90 days. As such, parents who want to remain active on the wait list must pro-actively confirm their desire to do so by email on a quarterly basis. Any family that does not confirm their enrollment interest or desire to remain on the wait list within the stated time frame will be removed from the wait list and will have to start the process over.

When a spot becomes available for your child, the center will contact you by email and give you till the close of the following business day to confirm your acceptance of the spot. Once you confirm your desire to take the spot, you will be required to pay the reservation fee within 2 business days to hold the spot. Once the reservation fee is received, the spot will be closed off to other families and reserved for you with a guaranteed start date. Families who do not accept a spot when contacted or do not respond within the stated times will be removed from the wait list and the spot will be offered to the next family in line. Families who accept the spot, pay the reservation fee to hold the spot and then later decide not to go forward after the spot has already been reserved exclusively for them and locked off from other families who would have otherwise benefited from that spot, will lose the reservation fee.

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