At Great Beginnings we strive to provide the safest and best care for your children while at the same time keeping our rates and fees extremely competitive so that many families are able to afford the exceptional care we provide. Please note that our center only provides full time care and as such there are no rates available for part-time or drop-in care.
 Our Rates, Fees & Applicable Discounts
  • Enrollment Fee

The Enrollment Fee at Great Beginnings is $150 per child. The fee is non-refundable and is payable upon enrollment. Each September a re-enrollment fee of $100 will be charged to any student who is re-enrolled in the school for the following September through August school year.

  • Security Deposit

A Security Deposit of $300 per family must be made to reserve your child’s space. Upon your separation from G.B.E.L.C. with the required 30-day written notice, the deposit will be credited to the last month’s tuition.

  • Monthly Tuition Rates (Effective through August 31, 2018)
Infants (6 weeks – 16 months) $1650
Toddlers (16 months – 24 months) $1650
2 Years Old (24 months – 36 months) $1500*
3-6 Years Old (36 months – 72 months) $1400*
  • Our Daily Tuition Rates
Infants (6 weeks – 16 months) $83.00*
Toddlers (16 months – 24 months) $80.00*
2 Years Old (24 months – 36 months) $75.00*
3-6 Years Old (36 months – 72 months) $70.00*

* For any child of in the 3-6 year old age range who is not potty trained, the rate remains
$1500/monthly until it is determined by your child’s teacher that the child is sufficiently potty

* The daily rates are used for the purposes of pro-rating tuition only. Great Beginnings only offers monthly care, no drop-in’s or daily care options.

* All rates are based on no more than 10 Hours of care for each day the center is open.

* Monthly tuition amount includes a catered Breakfast snack, Lunch and Afternoon snack.

  • Annual Supplies Fee

$150 per child (Nursery Programs)
$250 Per Child ( Preschool Programs)
Due at enrollment at each Annual Re-Enrollment

  • Applicable Tuition Discounts

*A Sibling discount of 10% will be taken off the oldest child’s tuition and 5% off of any other children.
*Government Employees & Military Families will receive a $50 discount off of the monthly tuition.
*There is a tuition discount of $50 monthly for parents who opt to pay monthly instead of bi-weekly.

**Please note that G.B.E.L.C. tuition discounts cannot be combined and are only available to families that elect to use the ACH or credit card payment option. It is advised that parents choose the one discount option that saves them the most amount of money off their monthly tuition.

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